The Oneness Concept

Oneness is when one feels or is in a state of unity and lives in balance. It acts on five different levels of one’s consciousness.  

  1. On an individual level, Oneness means trying to be one in a mental (brain) and physical (body) sense – or in other words – forming a unity of mind, soul and body. On this level we can feel Oneness by being connected to our body and heart, feeling the connection to us as a whole person and by trying to embody whatever we do, say and feel. Having a sense of consciousness towards ourselves, feeling ourselves.
  2. The next level of Oneness is to be socially integrated among other people and in society. Trying to be conscious of ourselves and of other people. Feeling the connection to other people. Opening our hearts, putting humanity up on a pedestal. 
  3. The third level of Oneness is the level of integration and coexistence of all humans with the living earth. Here it means to respect all living beings on this earth, independent whether it’s an animal, a plant or something we can’t describe using our scientific point of view.  
  4. On the fourth level we talk about the Oneness with the non-living earth and everything on it, for example with its geological and atmospheric structures or with its biosphere and living beings.  
  5. Finally, and this is definitely spacy for some of us and commonly found in the spiritual world: Oneness among humans, earth, the universe and everything beyond. In this case, we understand a unity not only of all tangible things, but also of the non-explored and the transcendental. Spirituality in this sense means to think beyond any limitations, to strive for transcendence and a greater purpose in life. The circle is completed by finding our higher self and thus returning to our very own self, just in another state of consciousness. 

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